two wooden barstools with black leather seats in a kitchen


Bar stools have been popular since the 1950s and are still a big hit today! They’re not just for the kitchen counter – these versatile furniture pieces can spice up your whole house.

You can use them in the kitchen, and they’re awesome for adding extra seats at the dining table. Swivel stools used to be only in kitchens and bars, but now they’re all over homes and offices. Backless bar stools are great for small spaces, like in a bar area or around a kitchen island.

Bar stools can be made of different materials like oak, maple, walnut, cedar, or teak if you like wood. But metal bar stools are also super popular and come in all kinds of cool designs. If you want something cozy, go for upholstered stools – they’re comfy and can add some color and style to your room.

The height of the bar stool is crucial, though:

  • Short Stool Height: 22”-23”
  • Counter Stool Height: 24”-28”
  • Standard Bar Stool Height: 29”-36”
  • Extra-Tall Bar Stool Height: 37”-40”

Choosing the right height makes sure your bar stool fits perfectly in your space.

Picking the perfect bar stool can turn your place into a chill and stylish spot, great for hanging out or having fun get-togethers.

We’ve got cool bar stools from brands like Canadel, Universal, Amisco, Furniture Classics, Riverside, Dovetail, and Capri. And guess what? We’re here to help you choose the best ones for your dream home with our free Design Services! Let’s make your space awesome together!