Is Fabric Protection Worth Purchasing?

Most people are familiar with the idea of fabric protection, but they may not know exactly what it is. There are a lot of products on the market that claim to protect your furniture, but do they really work?

Fabric protection is a type of treatment that is applied to fabrics to guard against spills, dirt and stains.

This coating helps to repel dirt, spills and stains while also making it easier to remove them when they do occur. It also makes fabric more resistant to fading, shrinking, and wrinkling over time. The cost is minimal to fabric protect new chair and sofa purchases.

The scene is set:  You’re so excited about your beautiful, new sofa! The grands stop over and one of the darlings’ spills orange soda on a seat cushion!  However, you’re not the least bit concerned because clean-up is a breeze. You’re so glad you made the right decision to fabric-protect your new sofa.

Fabric protection is a treatment that repels water, stains and dirt from fabric surfaces.  The protection is effective against a wide range of stains:  Coffee, wine, ink, grease, crayon, shoe polish and food stains.

The benefits of fabric protection are numerous and also include:

Increased durability-By creating a barrier between the fabric and dirt or liquids, fabric protection can help extend the life of your furniture.

Improved cleaning-It becomes easier to clean up any messes that may occur. Less scrubbing is needed when it comes time to deep-clean the furniture or remove suborn stains.


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