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What is an Ottoman?

Ottomans originally hail from Turkey and take their name from this region. Traditionally, they were designed for seating, featuring numerous cushions piled on top. These pieces of furniture often spanned entire walls, providing a comfortable space for multiple people to relax.

As time passed, smaller versions of ottomans emerged, gaining popularity not only as seating but also as versatile pieces used for footrests, tables, and storage solutions.

For a cozy setup, consider placing your ottoman in front of a comfortable sofa or chair, allowing guests to put their feet up as they sit. Ottomans are sturdy enough to support someone sitting on them, making them useful as additional seating in your home.

Opting for an ottoman with a firmer surface transforms it into a practical coffee table. Add a beautiful tray on top, and it becomes stable enough to hold food, drinks, and other room decor. Some larger ottomans even open from the top, providing instant hidden storage for your bedroom, family room, or living room.

Explore ottomans from various manufacturers to find the perfect fit for your space. Notable brands such as Norwalk, CR Laine, Capris, Four Seasons, Sam Moore, Hooker Furniture, Bernhardt, Lexington, and Bradington Young offer a diverse range of ottomans in their collections.


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