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Why invest in a Sunbrella fabric?

Sunbrella, the flagship brand of Glen Raven, Inc., boasts a rich history spanning nearly 140 years as a family-owned company. Renowned for its legendary performance, Sunbrella fabrics are often imitated but never duplicated. The Color to the Core™ technology ensures that each fiber is saturated with color and pigments, maintaining vibrant hues over time while upholding strength and integrity.

These fabrics are inherently fade-resistant and offer UV protection, making them durable to the core. Investing in Sunbrella means acquiring a fabric that is mold, mildew, stain, and water-resistant, designed to withstand the tests of time. Whether facing cleaning, wear, or exposure to the elements, Sunbrella fabrics retain their color and quality.

Sunbrella fabric finds application in various settings, from indoor and outdoor furniture to window treatments and boats. Its versatility extends to both the toughness required for outdoor use and the soft, cozy feel perfect for indoor spaces. The wide selection includes numerous weaves and surface textures, all aimed at providing long-lasting softness, comfort, and durability.

The ease of maintenance adds to the appeal of Sunbrella fabrics. Spills and stains require only slight attention, and the fabrics can endure cleaning with a light solution of bleach and water without the risk of color loss or degradation.

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