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I have been in the furniture industry in some facet or another for over 30 years. Starting out in retail, I worked with Storehouse furniture in Atlanta Georgia, then I ventured into commercial sales design in 1990. As an accomplished freelance designer, I worked with many clients in the DC, MD and VA areas before moving to the beach and becoming a part of the Creative Concepts team in 2010.

Some of my greatest accomplishments include the opportunity to work on two ABC Extreme Home Makeovers and helping to pre-select furnishing for the Houses on Angel Lane after Hurricane Katrina.

Thom brings years of experience and creativity to our Creative Concepts team and works out of our Lewes store.

Many years ago, when Bobbi and Wayne were still running the business, we began a relationship with Creative Concepts that continues today. Great design services (thank you for all your hard work, Thom Lockhart!), quality furniture at a reasonable price point, and excellent customer service are the norm at CC – not the exception. Thom has visited our house more than once to insure that our furniture selections are the right scale for the room and will flow nicely with the rest of our very open floor plan. We’re currently awaiting the arrival of new family room furniture, and once again, we’ve been extremely happy with the level and quality of their customer service and attention to detail. We highly recommend them!

Sally Silver

I was in the market for a Summer Hill king storage bed and visited the Lewes store to get a quote. Thom assisted me and provided a price.  I asked if this was his best price. Thom explained the CC pricing policy to me. I said fine and that I would get back to him. I then drove to a competitor confident that I could beat the CC quote. I met the salesperson and she went off to price the bed; she returns and informs me that with the sale she will save me $284. I ask what the number is. She replies $1,614 plus $100 shipping. I say that’s not a sale and are you sure. She is aware that I am a repeat customer. She checks with her manager and confirms the amount. I ask if the delivery people will remove my mattress and box spring. She replies only if you buy a mattress from us.  The next day I return to CC and meet with Thom. Yes they will take away the old mattress and box spring. 10 minutes later my order has been placed. I will definitely use CC and Thom for all my future purchases.

Jerry Robertson