Jerry Robertson

I was in the market for a Summer Hill king storage bed and visited the Lewes store to get a quote. Thom assisted me and provided a price.  I asked if this was his best price. Thom explained the CC pricing policy to me. I said fine and that I would get back to him. I then drove to a competitor confident that I could beat the CC quote. I met the salesperson and she went off to price the bed; she returns and informs me that with the sale she will save me $284. I ask what the number is. She replies $1,614 plus $100 shipping. I say that’s not a sale and are you sure. She is aware that I am a repeat customer. She checks with her manager and confirms the amount. I ask if the delivery people will remove my mattress and box spring. She replies only if you buy a mattress from us.  The next day I return to CC and meet with Thom. Yes they will take away the old mattress and box spring. 10 minutes later my order has been placed. I will definitely use CC and Thom for all my future purchases.