Steve Ortleib is a designer in our Ocean View store with over 30 years of experience as a design consultant. Originally from Lancaster PA he decided to move to our area 10+ years ago after spending many summers at his beach house.

He enjoys helping his clients come up with the perfect look just for them. One of Steve’s favorite styles of design is contemporary, but, his personal style is more traditional.

Sometimes furniture styles can be mixed from your old home to your new home for an eclectic look. For instance, mixing antique pieces with contemporary sofas or chairs will make a statement and still enable you to use the pieces you love. Styles of furniture have changed over the years but timeless styles always seem to make a comeback. For example, a cherry traditional piece can be used with light neutral fabrics that makes a dramatic statement in your room.

Whether using pieces you have, or find pieces you love, Steve can help you to find your unique style that makes your house feel like your home.